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Boasting approximately 117,000 square feet of facilities, our Fort Worth, Texas headquarters houses our executive offices, technical experts, production operators, and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

As a privately owned company with superior production resources, we are uniquely positioned to pursue a wide array of projects and contracts.

Through our own fabrication capabilities, we manufacture a large percentage of the parts and components used in production, and complete all assembly, calibration, and testing.

Howell Instruments headquarters from the air.

Company Profile

  • Privately owned engineering and manufacturing company with a focus on customer relations and customized solutions
  • Data acquisition and analysis experts designing to improve safety and performance while reducing operational cost
  • Diverse customer base including DoD, Commercial, Private and International aviation
  • Fort Worth, Texas headquarters contains 117,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facilities
  • ISO & AS9100C Certified
  • Small Business Self-Certified
Howell Instruments Employees working together


  • Gas-turbine data acquisition and analysis
  • Identify problems and provide cost effective solutions
  • Utilize years of industry experience in conjunction with cutting-edge technology
  • Listen, assess, then design without boundaries


  • Founded in 1951
  • Invention and development of the JETCAL® Analyzer/Trimmer for the J47 engine in the B-36 bomber
  • Engine Health Diagnostics
  • Cockpit Engine Instrumentation


  • Average tenure: 10 years
  • 20% of staff are engineers
  • 25% veterans

Field Engineering Services

From concept to production, Howell Instruments integrates experience, proven ability and cutting-edge technology to engineer products for specific aviation needs. Our Field Engineers travel the world working with customers to define requirements and develop practical, affordable solutions.

Group of Army representitives visit Howell Instruments

Field Engineering

  • On-site evaluation of requirements and parameters
  • Design modification of an existing product
  • Collaboration with customers to develop innovative new designs for specialized requirements
  • Project management with the flexibility to manage both small production runs and large-scale contracts with speed and responsiveness
  • Qualified, knowledgeable staff experienced in a wide array of military and commercial aviation sectors
  • Training seminars conducted on-site or at our corporate training facilities
  • Worldwide resources and representatives

Technical Publications

Staffed with experienced writers and illustrators, our in-house Technical Publications department works in conjunction with engineers to produce a full spectrum of support documentation for Howell products and services.

  • Technical Manuals
  • Functional Descriptions
  • Training Manuals and presentations
  • Illustrated Parts Lists
  • Test plans and procedures
  • Various technical reports, design reviews, and evaluations
  • Marketing brochures and collateral


Howell's engineering team is comprised of experienced engineers, technicians, and designers skilled in all levels of prototype, intermediate, and production engineering.

Howell employee works on engineering specs

Circuit Design

  • Digital Circuit Design: Covers the full gamut from simple circuits with discrete components to microcomputer design using the latest highly integrated single chip computer.
  • Analog circuit Design: Our staff has extensive experience in analog circuit design including integrators, differentiators, operational amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, comparators, etc.
  • Data Acquisition: Ability to acquire and digitize all relevant signals associated with turbine engines, atmospheric data, and airframe data.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

  • Multiple numbers of layers, components and sizes
  • Solid model (step file) generated to facilitate modeling of the final product
  • Impedance driven routing for high-speed circuits
  • Through hole and surface mount technology supported
  • Panelized boards for use with pick and place equipment

Custom Cabling

  • Designed and manufactured in house
  • Ability to design and manufacture unique cabling to including thermocouple pairs, twisted shielded pairs, overall shields, etc.

Software Design and Development

  • Windows software development
  • Linux software development
  • Real Time software development (Vx Works)
  • Deeply Embedded Hard Real Time/Bare Metal software development
  • FAA Certified development process/DO-178B

Mechanical Design

  • Electro Mechanical Packaging
  • Solid Modeling
  • 3D dynamic rendering/animation
  • Tooling and Mold Design

Product Life Cycle Management

  • Reverse engineer and update obsolete designs
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) performed in house to extend product service life


Howell Instruments has the in-house technical experts, facilities, tooling and test equipment required to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services that result in increased reliability and savings. When obsolescence issues arise, we have the engineering and purchasing staff to deal with these issues.

Employee works at a repair station

Indicator Rebuild

  • All phases of inspection, repair, testing and certification for Howell Indicators
  • Rebuilt to new indicator standards
  • Meets airworthiness criteria

Repair Capabilities

  • FAA Part 145 Repair Station
  • Provides all phases of preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Ensures technicians assigned to perform maintenance, preventative maintenance, alterations, and inspection functions complete certified training
  • Utilizes MRO software, reducing material supply time and increasing material availability by improving supply chain communication and configuration of bills of materials (BOM)
  • Superior quality control processes in place for maximum safety and reliability
  • Staffed with an accountable manager, supervisory personnel, inspection personnel, and certified personnel to approve the articles it maintains for return to service
  • Utilizes an approved parts list

Ground Support Equipment

  • All phases of inspection, repair, testing and certification
  • Specializing in support equipment repair and preventative maintenance

Quality Control

  • Certified: ISO 9001:2008, AS9100:2009 Rev. C
  • Tenured, knowledgeable staff of final inspectors
  • Commitment to conformity in all phases of inspection and testing

Ground Support Equipment Services

Howell's GSE Services provide full scale repair and overhaul of ground support equipment tailored to your specific requirements. Our GSE experts have the knowledge, experience and resources to completely overhaul ground support equipment and get it back into service quickly and reliably.


GSE technicians have over 60 years direct experience in aviation and airport equipment repair

Howell Employee repairing aircraft engin


  • GSE team provides on-site assessment and customized repair plan
  • Equipment thoroughly evaluated and tested including wires, switches, plates, panels, and electrical system components
  • 98% of repairs conducted on-site
  • Equipment 100% recertified

Parts Procurement Specialists

  • Flexibility, contacts, and resources to get the right parts quickly and efficiently
  • Difficult to find parts
  • Obsolete and out-of-production parts
  • Parts engineering and fabrication

All Brands, Makes and Models

We repair any brand, make or model including non-traditional, non-standard equipment:

  • Belt loaders, cargo dollies
  • Cabin pressurization units
  • Cargo loaders
  • Engine stands
  • Ground power units
  • Heaters, air conditioners
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Industrial generators
  • Lifts, jacks, fork lifts
  • Load testing
  • Maintenance Stands, B1, B5
  • Non-powered equipment
  • Push backs
  • Scissor lifts
  • Tow bars
  • Tugs, tractors, transport units


Howell Instruments has superior production resources with the latest in manufacturing equipment and processes. Through our own fabrication capabilities, we manufacture a large percentage of the parts and components used in production, and complete all assembly, calibration and testing.

Woman inspecting Circuit Board


Custom, hand assembly of electrical/electronic instruments, test sets, accessories, wire looms, etc.

Printed Circuit Boards

  • Through hole, custom hand assembled PCBs
  • Pick and Place Automated Assembly
  • DEK solder screen printer - controls and precisely applies solder

APS Novastar Pick & Place

  • Smaller components allow smaller PCBs (with airborne equipment this means less weight)
  • Rapid, uniform placement of components
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • Once a program is created, it is used multiple times

Solder Reflow Oven

  • Heats the solder paste to a precise temperature, affixes the components to the board simultaneously, and then cools the board
  • Solders all components at once; solders multiple boards at once

Glenbrook X-Ray Machine

  • Penetrates components and metal to reveal defects, solder bridges, and "voids" (air pockets) with a high-resolution, live-feed camera
  • Views PCB features such as traces at the right setting
  • Easily detects improperly placed or poorly reflowed solder
  • Analysis feature determines out-of-tolerance solder placement
  • Software provides image capture and the ability to record video
Vacuum tip that picks up components inside the Pick and Place system.
Pick and Place system.

A printed circuit board (PCB) is being prepared in the DEK solder screen printer.
DEK solder screen printer.

Solder Reflow Oven
Solder Reflow Oven
Glenbrook X-Ray Machine
Glenbrook X-Ray Machine

Fabrication, Machine Shop and Sheet Metal

  • Manual machining - Standard machining capabilities utilizing conventional lathes, vertical mills, gear hobs, screw machines, grinders, etc.
  • Manual metal forming - Standard sheet metal forming utilizing conventional punch presses, brakes, shears, etc.
  • Automated metal forming - Turret Press
  • Welding

CNC Lathe; Puma 240 MS High Performance Mill-Drill Turning Center with bar feeder

  • Streamlines the production of parts
  • Saves time and increases efficiency
  • 12 turret positions allow most tools to be loaded at once, reducing change-out time
  • Bar feeder speeds loading of raw material
  • Pieces can be programmed from scratch or imported from AutoCAD
  • Bores precise holes, turns down diameters, and shapes raw metal into exact required specifications
  • Custom programs are used as often as needed

CNC Machining Center (3 axis; adaptable to 4 axis); Doosan DMV 4020D Mill

  • Streamlines the production of parts
  • 24 slot positions allow most tools to be loaded at once, reducing change-out time
  • Pieces can be programmed from scratch or imported from AutoCAD
  • Bores precise holes, turns down diameters, and shapes raw metal into exact required specifications
  • Saves substantial time-- what once took five hours can be done in half an hour
  • Custom programs are used as often as needed

Injection Molding

  • Extra 40-120 Demag Molding Machine
  • Fully programmable; optimizes all steps of the molding process
  • Low energy consumption; fast, harmonic movement
  • Screw produces a homogeneous, uniform melt with excellent color disbursement
CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe Fabrication/Machine

CNC Milling Center
CNC Milling Center

Injection Molding Machine
Injection Molding Machine

Cable Manufacturing

  • Custom Cable - unshielded, shielded, multiple shields
  • Lengths to 100+ feet
Employee manufacturing cabel
Cable Manufacturing

Laser Etching Helix Epilog Laser Engraver

  • Etches text and symbols on tester decks
  • Engraves nameplates, along with UID (user identification) blocks, and cable bands
  • Etches cylindrical parts --not limited to flat sheets only
  • Has potential for etching indicator dial faces
  • Handles multiple media including wood, glass, and acrylic
  • Cuts gaskets, plastic components, etc.
Helix Epilog Laser Engraver
Helix Epilog Laser Engraver


Highly Accelerated Life Testing/Highly Accelerated Stress Screening Qualmark Typhoon 2.0 HALT/HASS Chamber

  • Reveals product failure modes in a matter of hours or days (traditional test methods can take weeks or months to find)
  • Temperature testing: exceeds specifications by a wide margin
  • Shock and vibration testing: stimulates product so that latent failures will manifest before shipping
  • Creates significant gravitational force: the table moves on three axes (up/down, side-to-side, and forward/back)
  • Precisely controls conditions, revealing both strengths and weaknesses
  • Finds design limitations during product design and development phases
  • Tests production units to verify product functionality on the job
  • Enables products to be powered-up and functioning during testing
  • Achieves extreme temperatures according to test plans
HALT/HASS Qualmark Typhoon 2.0
HALT/HASS Qualmark Typhoon 2.0

Howell Instruments is top of mind for program budget, on time repair, and the willingness to go above and beyond to meet customer needs.
– Customer Survey Excerpt

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