Bringing you the best in meaningful engine data

Our Data Acquisition Units directly embed engine-specific algorithms to enhance engine health and performance information.

Data Acquisition Units

Howell’s Data Acquisition Units are selfcontained, redundant systems that eliminate any single point failure. It acquires both analog and digital engine aircraft system data, then processes the information in customized formats for recording or display in the cockpit.

H396 Series DAU

H384, H484 & H598 Series Airborne Engine Monitors

A vital component of condition-based maintenance, our health and usage monitoring systems monitor critical engine parameters to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Automatic Engine Data Acquisition Test System

Howell’s H355 Series engine Test Cell Instrumentation Package provides an adaptable, internet protocol (IP) based platform for accurately testing and monitoring gas turbine engines.

Referred Engine Diagnostic Data® (REDD)

Howell Instruments, Inc. has developed a turbine engine diagnostic tool known as Referred Engine Diagnostic Data® (REDD) analysis program. The REDD® analysis program is a comprehensive thermodynamic analysis program that identifies abnormal engine operation by comparing actual engine performance with expected engine performance.

Redd Images