Multiple configurations of sizes and graphical layouts to satisfy customer requirements

The display system consists of two Howell Display Units (DUs) that support fail safe operational Engine Instrument Display capability. If one display unit should happen to fail, the remaining display is configured to show all critical Engine Instruments in a compact format. These COTS displays have LED backlighting for long reliability, low brightness settings, and crisp graphics. The display is fully sunlight readable with a photosensor for auto brightness control. The displays may be optionally ordered with NVIS compliant backlights and filters.

Howell offers multiple configurations of DU sizes and graphical layouts to satisfy customer requirements. All options will include two DUs of varying dimensions. Like the DAU, the Display Units are configurable to maximize adaptability, flexibility, and expandability applicable to multiple aircraft types. Each DU has a personality module, which stores specific installation information. The installation information is used to configure the items displayed on the DU to the specific engine and display options without software modifications. The engine gauge layout can be changed to a different engine layout within the existing limit of the display host software modules by using the configuration file.


Display Units


Dynamic Performance Information (DPI)

An innovative software solution adaptable to any turbine-powered rotorcraft, DPI provides real-time dynamic performance information for critical mission success.


  • Automated continuous power assurance
  • Aircraft real-time performance
  • Digital map integration to evaluate go/no go conditions
  • En route forecasting


  • Simplifies and validates mission planning
  • Decreases pilot workload
  • Enhances flight safety and operational awareness
  • Provides power management for fuel savings and optimum aircraft performance