Warranty Policy

Below is a copy of our warranty policy.

A. New Airborne Products

  1. Airborne products shall be warranted for 1000 hours of operation or one year after delivery, whichever occurs first.
  2. An extra six months shelf-life extension applies for airborne products delivered to qualifying aircraft manufacturers and modification facilities.

B. New Test Equipment

  1. Test equipment products manufactured by Howell Instruments, Inc. are warranted for one year after delivery.
  2. Heater Probes and TEMPCAL® Probes are warranted for one year after delivery or 100 hours of operation, whichever occurs first.

C. Repaired or Modified Products

  1. Products returned to Howell Instruments, Inc. for repairs or modification will be warranted for six months after repair. This warranty applies only to those components replaced or repaired, and does not cover failure caused by other components. The entire product, including components not replaced, has a 60 day LABOR only warranty. If repair parts total less than $100.00, there will be no charge for parts.
  2. Howell Instruments may decline repair to any product that has been previously repaired or otherwise modified by an unauthorized facility.

D. Warranty Limitations

The warranty as stated above will be void if:

  1. It is determined by the manufacturer that the failure was the result of improper handling, application of incorrect power to the product, or application of incorrect signal to the product.
  2. The product is repaired or opened by any facility other than the manufacturer, Howell Instruments, Inc., (except for a facility approved by Howell Instruments as their designated repair facility).
  3. The product is damaged in return shipment to the manufacturer as a result of inadequate packing.
  4. Howell Instruments reserves the right to exclude components purchased from outside vendors that have been determined to be obsolete.

E. Definition of Warranty Repair

  1. Units returned to Howell Instruments, Inc. for repair during their warranty period, as discussed above, shall be repaired at no charge to the customer.
  2. The original warranty period remains unchanged (is not extended) when a product is repaired under warranty. This includes new and repair warranties.

F. Definition of No Charge Repairs

  1. Items returned to Howell Instruments, Inc. for repair may be determined to be no charge to the customer.


Product Category New Warranty
Date Shipped
Hours Used Repair Warranty
Repair or Modify(1)
Solid State Indicators 1 year N/A 6 months / 60 days
Engine Monitors 1 year N/A 6 months / 60 days
Test Equipment 1 year N/A 6 months / 60 days
Accessories 1 year 100 6 months / 60 days
Spare Parts 60 days N/A N/A

(1) Reference Section C