Howell Instruments Field Services representatives bring the test equipment and specialized knowledge to your location for reliable engine diagnostics that help extend engine life and increase ROI.

Service Capabilities:

  • Fixed-wing aircraft with PT6A engine
  • UH-60 T700 engines
  • UH-1/205 T53 engines
  • CH-47 T55 engines
  • SAAB 340 and CN235 aircraft
  • Gulfstream II, IIB, III and IV with Rolls-Royce Spey and Tay engines

Airplane on Tarmac

H337N Test Set

H337N Test Set

All fixed-wing aircraft with PT6A engines, Bell UH-1/204/205 T53 engines and Gulfstream II, IIB, III and IV with Rolls-Royce Spey and Tay engines

This on-wing test set provides an analysis of engine performance and indicator accuracy.

  • Monitors engine temperature during engine operation
  • Tests engine temperature circuit
  • Simulates thermocouple mV signal to check the accuracy of the temperature indicator
  • Monitors Engine RPM system during engine operation
  • Computes EPR
  • Measures Fuel Flow
  • Measures Vane Angle
  • Measures Engine Torque

H337PA JETCAL 2000®

Service for UH-60 T700, UH-1H T53, and CH-47 T55 engines

This test set provides test cell equivalent analysis of engine performance while keeping the engine on wing and the aircraft in service.

  • Verifies engine performance after installation or maintenance is performed
  • Isolates abnormal performance to an engine module
  • Specifies and verifies correct maintenance actions by providing before and after diagnostic comparisons
  • Allows operators to verify the accuracy of cockpit instrumentation
  • Provides engine torque based on thermodynamic engine model for measured parameters to validate torque indicating system
  • Provides vibration analysis
  • Reduces human error associated with data measurement, recording, and interpretation
  • Incorporates Referred Engine Diagnostic Data (REDD®) analysis program. This Howell patented software provides comprehensive thermodynamic analysis that identifies abnormal operation by comparing actual engine operation with expected performance. Produces easy-to-read graphs, charts, and performance reports.

H337PA JETCAL 2000

H337H-2 PACT7

H337H-2 PACT7

Service for the SAAB 340, and CN235

The Performance Analyzer CT7 (PACT7) is an on-wing performance analyzer specifically designed for the CT7 turboprop engine. It incorporates performance equations and algorithms approved by GE. The analyzer automatically computes, displays, and prints performance margins and requirements for the CT7 engine.

  • Verifies engine performance during troubleshooting and after module replacement
  • Permits on-wing ITT trim adjustment
  • Verifies aircraft ITT, torque, and speed accuracies in the specific engine applications
  • Measures and displays various engine parameters and calculates functions during flight line and test cell engine runs including:
    • ITT and Gas Generator Margins
    • ITT Bias resistor adjustment
    • Compressor efficiency
    • Cockpit gauge verification