Howell Instruments was born of ingenuity and the drive to help our armed forces operate more safely and efficiently. After successfully flying multiple missions in WWII, John S. Howell returned home a war hero determined to make a difference in the lives of soldiers yet to serve our great nation.

Since then, Howell has forged a rich history of working closely with military personnel to design products that improve mission success. We have an inherent interest in fostering the continuing careers of our service men and women, and it’s our belief that veterans tend to have the experience, work ethic, and determination to see projects through to successful completion. Recruiting and hiring former military personnel is a passionate tenet of our corporate culture, and currently 25% of our staff is comprised of military veterans.

Veterans Hiring Policy

It is Howell’s policy to actively recruit and hire former military personnel whenever possible and appropriate. We seek those with military experience through personal contacts, referrals and ad placement, as well as maintaining regular contact with transitioning military assistance programs. All open positions are posted with the Texas Workforce Commission and accessible only by veterans for the first two days.

Group of WWII Soldiers including John Howell

Veteran Executive Leadership

Most of our executive team members are retired/former military.

Arthur “Shep” Brown

Arthur “Shep” Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Retired Air Force

Arthur “Shep” Brown In the Air Force
Robert Underwood

Robert Underwood
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Underwood In The Army
Mitch Boeshart

Mitch Boeshart
Vice President, Engineering
Air Force

SMitch Boeshart In The Air Force

We believe veterans have the experience, work ethic, and determination to achieve success.